Epicurean is an export company dedicated to introduce the gastronomical treasures of Greece to the world. Since 2013, we are proud to offer our customers the opportunity to enrich their portfolio with native Greek, high quality products. Most importantly, we are eager to transmit through our work the epicurean ideal.

The ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus was the founder of the “Garden of Epicurus”, one of the most well-known philosophical schools. The Epicurean philosophy is a guide to living based on simplicity, pleasure and enjoyment.

Our purpose in life is to be happy and to transmit this positive energy to those around us. The Epicurean ideal of joy and well-being at all times inspired us to establish “Epicurean”.

Our team consists of a group of skilled individuals who possess in-depth knowledge and many years of experience in exports. All of its executives are very experienced and we aim to offer top-quality products.

“Epicurean” is the result of our common passion for creation, and our shared love and vision. Our wish is to add a little flavour to your everyday life and ensure your well-being thanks to our authentic Greek products.


Our goal is to produce and make available to the market, safe, high-quality products. Our aim is to promote Greek products and advocate the Mediterranean diet.

Our passion and love drove us to produce and select the finest products and remain true to our principles. 


Through time, our company grows and develops towards our vision. Our vision, as a point of reference and innovation, is the constant improvement of our products and the daily acknowledgment of our efforts, both in Greece and abroad.

Our ambition is to bring excellent quality products of the Greek land to the consumer in close collaboration with carefully chosen distributors and agents. 

Our greatest reward is to have satisfied consumers and a preference for our products. That is why we offer high-quality, meticulously packaged products to meet your needs.


The values which shape our culture is the foundation on which we choose to operate.

  • Quality: We choose the best raw materials with the greatest of care, we monitor the production process for our products and make sure that storage and transportation conditions remain ideal.
  • Uniqueness: The uniqueness of each of our products is ensured by careful selection of the varieties used as raw materials and the special techniques used through the whole production process.
  • Innovation: We use special and carefully chosen Greek products, while constantly looking for future prospects that will allow us to remain competitive and add value to our offering.
  • Commitment: We are committed to our goal by maintaining the strictest production methods and packaging processes. We maintain long-term partnerships and we are committed in providing good services and products.


We see success and responsibility as two interconnected factors that are equally important when planning and conducting modern business. Our business activity is carried out with the ethics, of responsibility towards society and the environment.

This is why our principles have not changed since our operation began:

  • Commitment to ensuring high quality products
  • Sustainability in the production process
  • Development with the least possible environmental impact
  • Contribution to raising consumer awareness