Epicurean - Deep Roots - Extra Virgin Olive Oil




The roots of this blessed plant in Greek history run deep; as it does its connection to the Geeks.

Deep Roots, the Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) Extra Virgin Olive Oil, was created with a lot of love and respect for the Greek traditions. We are confident that, once you try it, it will conquer your heart! 
The origin of Deep Roots Extra Virgin Olive Oil was none other than an estate in the village of Elea, Kyparissia, property of one of the owners of “Epicurean”. 
The property is located facing west and is shone at by the sun throughout the day, until sunset. It is well-known that the roots of the olive tree need sun and air to spread. 

The precious fruit of the olive is collected by hand, carefully, so as not to injure it. On the same day, they are taken to the mill and the golden-green coloured oil is squeezed out. The olives are pressed in a hydraulic press. No heating or hot water and no solvents are required. The first “cold-extraction extra virgin oil" results from the first pressing. The oil is not filtered because filtering removes a lot of nutrients. 

The top-quality Deep Roots Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a pleasant aroma and a medium-intensity spicy flavour. Its aroma is fruity, and combines the scent of tomato leaves, eucalyptus, ginger, spices and citrus tree.
Our aim is to offer you all a unique taste experience, through products of high nutritional value.

Our olive oil is available in 250ml and 500ml bottles. 

Available in 250ml / 500ml.